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 [Guide] Bootfighter KD's Lists & Maps (by Andr *WolfOfLight*)

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PostSubject: [Guide] Bootfighter KD's Lists & Maps (by Andr *WolfOfLight*)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:32 am

the image helps you find that mod you put in that slot in robo

thank you spyral for the meny months ago you gave me the starter image with just the names of them

i added the numbers and the conner image

hope this helps

Update (Zeranto I)
Order of AppearanceMech
KD-03: MS-Type 98
KD-04: Millennium
KD-04_2: Millennium-R
KD-04_3: Millennium-B
KD-04_4: Millennium 2
KD-05: Windom XP
KD-05_2: Windom XP Type-B
KD-05_3 Windom XP SP-3
KD-05_4: Windom Talisker
KD-05_5: Windom Talisker WP
KD-06: Windom Vista
KD-06_0: Windom 2K
KD-06_2: Windom 2000 SP-1
KD-06_3: Windom Vienna
KD-07: Windom Blackcomb
KD-07_2: Linux Black Selena
KD-08: Linux Iris
KD-08_2: Linux Cybidium
KD-08_3: Linux Anthurium
KD-08_4: Linux Primula => Magic Witch
KD-08_5: Linux Ranunculus => Big Sword Girl
KD-08_6: Linux Licorice => Fire Ball Girl
KD-08_7: Linux Fennel => Sword + Shield Girl
KD-08_7_2: Linux Ansium => Lance Girl

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[Guide] Bootfighter KD's Lists & Maps (by Andr *WolfOfLight*)
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