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  [Tutorial] Funnel/Boomerang Throw Crashed On 2.008 Fix (By Kira Yamato)

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PostSubject: [Tutorial] Funnel/Boomerang Throw Crashed On 2.008 Fix (By Kira Yamato)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:23 am

Some Mods That Have Funnel Or Throw Boomerang That Crashed On 2.008,Now I Will Tell You How To Fix
Example Used:Pain's Destiny Crashed On 2.008 When Used Boomerang Skill
Step 1:Open Transcoder Tool And Decode The Whole Mod Folder

Step 2:Open Your Root File With Deep Exploration,If The Root Was Seperated Like This,Collapse Them Into One,And Save

Note:After Collapsed,Don't Forget To Check The Position Of Root File Before Save

Step 3:Now Copy The Root File Model That Collapsed,Then Open Your Funnel/Boomrang Model File,And Paste,You Will Have Something Like This,Scale It Until The Root File Model Can't Be Seen

Step 4:Now Drop Material That Root File Is Using To Your Funnel/Boomerang Model,Delete The Old Material That Boomrang Used,If Done Correctly,You Will Have Something Like This

Step 5:Now Collapse Your Boomerang Model And Your Root File Model Into One Model,And Save It,And Don't Forget To Check The Position Of Material

Step 6:Encode The Whole Mod Again,Then Open Your Game And See Result.If You Done Correctly All Steps,You Will Have Something Like This^^

You See?Now It Won't Cause Your Game Crash Anymore,Have Fun^^

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[Tutorial] Funnel/Boomerang Throw Crashed On 2.008 Fix (By Kira Yamato)
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