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 [Tutorial] Script.ani Conditions and Value Reference (Advanced)(by Ethereal)

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PostSubject: [Tutorial] Script.ani Conditions and Value Reference (Advanced)(by Ethereal)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 11:21 am

Hello guys! Just making a small list of maybe useful conditions and values for the Script.ani.

List with descriptions

int[155]=??; - This is for Burst Mode. If you apply this value to a script index and change the ?? to 10. Your normal attack will be multiplied ten times in terms of speed and damage. And if you burst mode holding X and using the ex gauge (example you applied it to beam shot) your attack will be 100 times powerful. Considering the 10x10 multiplier.

int[153]=0; - This is the hit condition variable.

GoScriptIndex(?); - Use this value if you want to execute a script earlier than expected. Example, the script has 7 script indexes and the main hit WeaponAttack2 or RunProc2 is in script index 4. Just apply inside the first index so it will automatically execute index 4 of the script

ExecScriptEveryTime(?);  - This is the value that pertains to how many times the script index executes before moving to the next script index. Example you want RunProc2(0,11,0,5); A.K.A. vulcan bullets to fire consecutively without adding more RunProc2(0,11,0,5); to the script index. Just add ExecScriptEveryTime(0); so RunProc2(0,11,0,5); will repeat many times in 0 seconds. Change 0 to higher valuer for a long lag time. e.g. 1000 = 1 second.

ChangeAnime(?,?,?); - Use this value if you want to use animation that only refers to the normal action sequence. e.g. folder 01 to folder 23. The first ? refers to the folder of the animation. e.g. 1 = Standing. The second ? refers to the bottom and rotation animation. e.g. if you change it, the posiiton of your body_d.x may change. The third ? refers to the position rotation of X-Y, values 1 to 9.

GoPoseIndex(?,?) - This value refers to the poses you action will do. The first ? refers to the folder. 0 = folder 01, -1 = same folder. The second ? refers to the .hod number. e.g. GoPoseIndex(57,3?); The action will do folder 58, 03_name.hod.

CatchLastChara(?,?,?); - This value is used if you want your opponent to attach to the assigned weapon point. The first ? refers to the weapon point where the opponent will be attached. The seconds ? is the position of the mech to the weapon point. Best if 0 or 1. The third ? refers to the rotation of the opponent when attached to the weapon point. Best if 181 or higher. This command must be used inside a hit condition melee. e.g. IF(@int[153],>,0);@int[153]=0;CatchLastChara(1,0,181);ENDIF; if not, game will crash.

@float[101] to [106] - Positional and energy. Required hits condition. Check below for reference, also can be used for camera angle 4.

@int[1] = 0; - Mainly used for grab attack if it should let go and continue if another CatchLastChara is used. Also applicable to multiple attack runs.

RunSubScript(?,?); - Used to run a script even on a different folder. The first ? refers to the script index. The second refers to the folder. E.g. RunSubScript(0,132); Will run Script staring from script index 0 and commencing sword attack 2 which is usually 132.

IF(@int[151]==0;); - Normal condition script index.

IF(@int[151],==,1); - Condition if character is moving and must perform action even when moving. e.g Shot.

IF(@int[192],!=,0); - Condition if you press the button corresponding to the folder.

IF(@int[1],<,?); - If button press should connect after less than... apply your value to ?

IF(@int[153],!=,0); - If previous script index hits. Commence to...

IF(@int[153],>,0); - If previous script index hits, Commence to... stops when blocked. Needs @int[153]=0; to properly execute. Only applies to melee.

IF(@int[153],!=,0); - If previous script index hits even if blocked with ShildGuard=2;, Commence to... Can only be stopped when blocked with a script using ShildGuard=1;

.ス;ウ      €?          €?          €ソ    .ス;ウ    o・1J・ス砦-セ  €? 
  ヘフフ=ォ  '下半身のみ
IF(@int[151]==0);Move(0,0,1.00f);ATTACK(90,5,0,0);AttackFlag=1;RunProc2(0,57,17,250,0,1,2,0,0,0,0,50);GvEnable=0;ChangeWeapon(SWORD);MoveLock();      ENDIF;

ラ#<r  '下半身のみ
IF(@int[151]==0);Move(0.4f,0,0.3f);GvEnable=0;MoveLock();LockBodyDownTarget(60,60);          ENDIF;
  ヘフフ=r  '下半身のみ
IF(@int[151]==0);GvEnable=0;ShotTurnAng=360;LockBodyDownTarget(45,45);Move(0,0,0.10f);      ENDIF;
      ・  '下半身のみ
IF(@int[151]==0);Move(-0.9,0,0.8);GvEnable=0;MoveLock();LockBodyDownTarget(60,60);CamEffect=3;              ENDIF;
  ヘフL>ヘ  '下半身のみ
  ヘフL=a  '下半身のみ
IF(@int[153],!=,0);GoPoseIndex(-1,1);GoScriptIndex(2);GvEnable=0;          ENDIF;
  ヘフL=]  '下半身のみ
IF(@int[151]==0);GvEnable=0;LockBodyDownTarget(-1,-1);CamEffect=0;      ENDIF;
Idea: If...


IF(@int[153],!=,0);GoPoseIndex(-1,1);GoScriptIndex(2);GvEnable=0;          ENDIF;
Will commence because the aforementioned script index above hits.

Check video below.

IF(int[155],!=0); - Script index will only execute if you use EX-Gauge.

Check video below.

IF(@int[150] ,==, 1); - Condition if you want your character to perform an action even when falling down or jumping up.

To be updated.

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[Tutorial] Script.ani Conditions and Value Reference (Advanced)(by Ethereal)
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