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 [Tutorial] Compilation of Rooting Techniques (by Mangakaninja)

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PostSubject: [Tutorial] Compilation of Rooting Techniques (by Mangakaninja)   Thu Jan 03, 2013 10:52 am

tutorial from omphai.

Elsman wrote:
I wish you could teach me how to make root. then I'd wont rely on anyone else. It troubles me to trouble someone

how to create and edit root it's already posted in amecha
I'm very hard to try explain it (my English is really bad >_<)

root file is actually a sequence of colors used in Windom
color sequence in the root must be the same color sequence in the model
but sometimes, this sequence is different in the model although it's have same color in the root
root: color 1: red, color 2: blue, color 3: yellow
model: color 1: blue, color 2: yellow, color 3: red
the happens is:
the color should be blue on the model, changing to red in game, which should be red changed to yellow and so on

to more easily, just open the mod that I made with Deep Exploration
open the root, you can see the the order of colors that I make
try to compare with the sequence of colors that exist in the mod parts (ex: arm1 or other)

usually, I always create a new root when creating or editing the mod, because the old mod root sometimes corrupted when opened/save in Deep Exploration

create root (using Deep exploration)
to create a root, I usually use box that I paint in accordance with the color that I want to use in the mod
- create -> create primitive -> box
- in the material folder (see "scene components" column), click the right mouse button -> create material,
- edit the material color that you've created according to the color you want (ex: red)
- drag the material to the box you've created, and so you have a red box now
- create a new box and color it used same way
- every 1 box (object) represents 1 color, ex: box01 = red, box02 = blue and so on
- repeat this step until all the colors you want existing
- save using name: root.x

This root, you can use it on UKWXP, you just need to adjust color sequences that exist in the root (your root) in accordance with the color sequence in mod
but if you want more precise in the placement of the color, you must set the color sequence (re-color the model) using the root that you've created

sry, I hope it's not make you dizzy when read it >_<

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[Tutorial] Compilation of Rooting Techniques (by Mangakaninja)
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