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 MS-14A Gelgoog

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文章數 : 554
積分 : 3823
威望 : 8
注冊日期 : 2011-08-18
年齡 : 32
來自 : Hong Kong

PostSubject: MS-14A Gelgoog   Sun Aug 28, 2011 12:13 pm

MS-14 Gelgoog ?e7g9ny0dd8mepxy

(机体名)Mech name(機体の名前):MS-14 Gelgoog

(作者)Creator/Source of model(モデリングの作者): No clue on the creator,but I Got this from Cypher's tuft. whoever he/she is, I did this in honor for him/her as well.

(导入者)Converter(コンバーターする人): Flowrellik (hey that's me =D)
(贴图)Painter(色を付ける人): Flowrellik (hey that's me =D)

(Script修改)Modified Script.ani(Script.ani変更): NO (uses standard KD-07_2 ANI)

MS-14S (YMS-14) Gelgoog Commander Type
MS-14A Gelgoog ?1g7y2bnqbbkbyby ?lmjlr0d0bn27q4z ?n3efjc0rwlg5eu1 ?6kna88izanwpm34 ?ay18rnae0c8oy6m ?ux3cuomu1eaoy75 ?8vcn95k1z1fdl2k ?0uodcit51mq72yg ?owmupvo0qbmwt5l
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MS-14A Gelgoog
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