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 Vangaurd (Mini-Boss)

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Heart of Vandel
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PostSubject: Vangaurd (Mini-Boss)   Wed May 02, 2012 9:14 am

Vangaurd (Mini-Boss)

Model -Joshua Chan's Facebook (I only added a few minor things)
Root -Heart of Vandel (I gave the color a dark more defined look)
Script -Kira-Yamato's ZGMF-X99A Universal Justice (It fit perfectly and gave a mini-boss feel)

To be honest I enjoyed the look and feel of this unit, the combat drones gives the feeling of always being protected. As for the game play I simply wanted to make a boss style unit that will prove to be very powerful giving the player the feeling of panic/being awesome. The script is not mine I only rewrote a few minor things in the script.spt.

Combat Drones (works as funnels and will fly at the enemy with the basic attack)

Normal Attack (Fires both Guns)

Twin Swords (when attack energy ribbons will follow the blade)

Attack one will fire miss pods that erupts in to a offensive blitz of Combat Drones

Attack two will spawn even more drones (Some will find and attack the enemy)

Specal Attack is a Beam of Powerful Energy

Please Enjoy the Mod

Thank you very much for looking at Vanguard
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Vangaurd (Mini-Boss)
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